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  • Sumi-e ink, oil paints and spray paints on an upcycled wood panel.
  • 83cm x 213cm. Framed in a magnificent white floating frame. 
  • December 2020
  • Serfaus, Austria

'I made this painting last week to celebrate the first year I have spent in one place since 1997. What an amazing place to see the four seasons roll into each other!

Snows falling, building and melting - waterfalls dancing through ice and snow - grasses growing green, to brown, to be under a blanket of white again - the immense array of colour of the spring blossoms - peaks snow laden in winter, to be exposed mineral rich rocks of silvers, reds, ochres and browns - forests black and white, to clouds of pollen drifting among green spring shoots, to the autumnal reds and yellows.


Michael. December 2020.

Please call or email if interested in this painting or if you wish to have a custom piece made for you. [email protected]