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Cosmic Waves

Cosmic Waves

  • Frozen inks and acrylic paints melted on to canvas. Detailed with Japanese ink and white ink.
  • 100cm x 80cm.
  • August 2023

A new edition to the 'One' series. 

The technique with the frozen pigments I have worked on for the past 2 years. I came up with the idea after I enjoyed making many resin paintings, loving the looseness and flow - to paint water with the medium behaving like water.. The resin looks fantastic but to be honest I didn't enjoy the plastic feel to it.. After much thought and experimentation I have been able to create the flow of water using the frozen pigments with a more natural feel.

I was inspired by an art installation I saw in Perth, Australia years ago. The artist (artist unknown - this was over 20 years ago!) had items from their childhood and from memory other's past, frozen in blocks of ice hanging from the ceiling. During the exhibition the items would drop scattering into a pile on the floor. This must have touched me deeper than I realised.

A commission piece for an art collector in Germany.

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This painting technique is under copyright under my name since 2022. ;)