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Kiss me...

Kiss me...

  • Kiss Me FUCK OFF!
  • Oil sticks, spray paints and fire on wood panel.

Titled after creating artworks to music for the ongoing exhibition 'Synesthesia'. This artwork is to a really awful piece of pop music that would play on the radio last winter on my way to work (car share lift!) putting me in an equally shitty mood for the morning. Or in the supermarket. And then it would even play in the evening some days, and make an even more crap mood for the evening. It would haunt my dreams with a part of the lyrics repeating over and over and over in my head like a broken record. I despise this song so I will not credit it here at all. Actually this song is probably remarkably well made to do just this - haunt people in it's shitness.

  • 42cm x 52cm
  • Available for purchase. Price on request.

Now framed behind glass and on display at Die Baeckerei as part of the 'Synesthesia' group exhibition.